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Press Parts Rollers
We pride ourselves on our easy and efficient roller supply. We aim to always have adequate stocks to supply a whole order in one drop.
The Spindle deposit is charged on the invoice and refunded when you, the customer, return them to our works,
in your own time and at your convenience.
Press Parts rollers are made from the highest grades of graphic compound anywhere in the world - guaranteed!
Probably the best range of replacement rollers for Heidelberg presses anywhere!
All 'R' prefix rollers are supplied press ready.
(Code: PP5158)
£ 230.00(276.00 €)
MO Alcolor matt chrome distributor recon
(Code: PP5149)
£ 860.00(1,032.00 €)
MO Alcolor chrome metering
(Code: PP5152)
£ 170.00(204.00 €)
MO Ink Intermerdiate 40mm
(Code: PP839)
MO Alcolor intermediate roller
£ 490.00(588.00 €)
MO Alcolor intermediate roller
(Code: PP652)
£ 310.00(372.00 €)
Z roller MO recon
(Code: PP5101)
£ 183.00(219.60 €)
MO Rilsan Distributor 675mm
(Code: PP5110)
MO Matt chrome distributor
£ 380.00(456.00 €)
MO Matt chrome distributor
(Code: PP931)
MO 39mm rider
£ 230.00(276.00 €)
MO 39mm rider
(Code: PP981)
£ 145.00(174.00 €)
MO 39mm rider reconditioned
(Code: PP5181)
£ 230.00(276.00 €)
Matt chrome distributor reconditioned
(Code: PP5169)
£ 425.00(510.00 €)
MO Varn Kompac form
(Code: PP5184)
£ 410.00(492.00 €)
MO Varn Kompac III oscillator