PrintGuard Anti-Marking Solutions

PrintGuard designs and manufactures three technologies, at two price points that solve 100% of printers anti-marking needs.  Their Custom manufacturing equipment and proprietary chemical coatings make the Orange Hide® Glass bead technology #1 Worldwide. The patented features in both PrintGuardPlus and Printguard Packaging make these glass bead transfer cylinder jackets for Heidelberg presses superior to all others in the market; while the patented PrintGuard Regular jackets offer low cost solutions for the cost sensitive printer.
The superior PerfectBlack® Ceramic Nano Coated Steel Impression Cylinder Jacket coatings are developed and applied in PrintGuard's plant in Millbury, Ma.
The woven fabric ink repellent nets are also custom converted in house too.
PrintGuard Underjackets

PrintGuard Underjackets

PrintGuard Orange Underjackets
are required for the installation of anti-marking nets