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Press Parts Roller Guide

Welcome to the new interactive roller guide, we have designed this section of our website to assist in making sure you get the roller you need!

To use this system simply choose the press you need rollers for and open the guide, this should open in a new tab (or window), you can use either the information or the pictures to identify the roller you require.  Once identified clicking the area will take you directly to that roller in our online catalogue, alternatively clicking on the title will take you to the main page for that press to see all available rollers.

If there are rollers on the diagram which are not labelled, it is possible we can get them reconditioned for you, please give us a call to get more information.

This is a work in progress, we are continuing to add the guides to this page as they are built, the next press will be SM72.

Please let us know if there is anything we can do to improve our guides, if you need any further information please contact us.