Blanket wash profile rubber

Press Parts
(Code: PP6070)
Blanket wash profile rubber
£ 50.00(60.00 €)
Carefully made from tough grade compound this blanket wash capping profile is used on all Speedmaster presses which have a pneumatic clamp bar to push the washcloth against the blanket or impression cylinder. Suitable for conventional and UV solvents.
You cut to the length required and can be used on SM52 (except some early model) SX52, SM74 (except early models with inflating bladder) CD74, XL75, CX102, XL105/6
Sold per metre - cut to length  - MAX SINGLE LENGTH 4m
Heidelberg equivalent: F2.205.019
Heidelberg SM/CD 74 & XL75 equivalent: M4.205.009
Heidelberg XL105/106 equivalent: F2.205.029



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