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Rollers for Heidelberg SM52

Rubber rollers SM52

Rollers for Heidelberg SpeedMaster52 (SM52) 

Press parts stocks high-quality rollers for Heidelberg SpeedMaster 52 printing presses. In this category you will find inkers such as form rollers, transfer rollers and rider rollers. The range covers various colours: blue, red, yellow, white, green, black and violet. Alcolor dampening systems are also available: alcolor water form and alcolor pan roller. In terms of material, you will find a comprehensive selection of rubber rollers as rubber is resilient and handles heavy weight through weight distribution. For these reasons it is the perfect material for SM52 press rollers.
All 'R' prefix rollers are supplied press ready.
A spindle charge will be added when buying the roller, this is refunded in full if the old roller is returned to us.
If you need help finding the the right roller for your SM52 press, check out our Heidelberg Roller Guide. You can also visit our other categories to find the printer's parts equipement that you need.
(Code: PP5157)
SM52 Alcolor intermediate roller
£ 515.00(618.00 €)

Discover our SM52 Alcolor intermediate roller 

(Code: PP5166)
SM52 Alcolor intermediate Z roller recon
£ 340.00(408.00 €)

Discover our SM52 Alcolor intermediate Z roller recon 

(Code: PP5105)
£ 205.00(246.00 €)
SM52 Rilsan Distributor 560mm
(Code: PP5161)
£ 550.00(660.00 €)
SM52 Alcolor chrome metering recon
(Code: PP5185)
SM52 Rilsan Rider 46mm
£ 195.00(234.00 €)

Discover our SM52 Rilsan Rider 46mm reconditioned roller

(Code: R0402)
SM52 Blue Inker
£ 189.03(226.84 €)

Discover our SM52 Blue Inker 

(Code: R0403)
SM52 Red Inker
£ 183.30(219.96 €)

Discover our SM52 Red Inker 

(Code: R0404)
SM52 Yellow Inker
£ 202.79(243.35 €)

Discover our SM52 Yellow Inker 

(Code: R0405)
SM52 Green Transfer
£ 70.78(84.94 €)

Discover our SM52 Green Transfer 

(Code: R0406)
SM52 Black Transfer
£ 60.09(72.11 €)

Discover our SM52 Black Transfer 

(Code: R0407)
SM52 Violet Transfer
£ 56.75(68.10 €)

Discover our SM52 Violet Transfer 

(Code: R0408)
SM52 Alcolor Form Damper
£ 92.22(110.66 €)

Discover our SM52 Alcolor Form Damper 

(Code: R0409)
SM52 Alcolor Pan Damper
£ 121.45(145.74 €)

Discover our SM52 Alcolor Pan Damper 

(Code: R0420)
SM52 Full set of 12 rollers
£ 1,068.00(1,281.60 €)

Discover our SM52 Full set of 12 rollers 

(Code: R0401)
SM52 White Inker
£ 198.20(237.84 €)
Discover our SM52 White Inker
(Code: PP5191)
SM52 Damping Matt Chrome Distributor recon.
£ 290.00(348.00 €)

Discover our SM52 Damping Matt Chrome Distributor recon. 

(Code: PP5193)
£ 390.00(468.00 €)
SM52 Rilsan Distributor Water cooled 560mm
(Code: B0902552)
£ 109.37(131.24 €)
SM52 Numbering Ductor Roller
(Code: B0902554)
£ 118.94(142.73 €)
SM52 Numbering Form Roller 38mm
(Code: B0902560)
£ 126.95(152.34 €)
SM52 Numbering Form Roller 42mm
(Code: B0902556)
£ 118.94(142.73 €)
SM52 Numbering Transfer Roller