Bottcher Feboclean WP Dry Run Roller lube 2Kg

(Code: PP1502)
Bottcher Feboclean WP Dry Run Roller lube 2Kg
£ 21.00(25.20 €)
  1. Roller Protecting Paste
    Roller protecting paste, to be used on dry running rollers when not printing on all printing
    units, for use with conventional inking rollers.

    ●  prevents dry running of inking rollers
    ●  prevents higher abrasion and overheating of inking roller surface
    ●  prolongs roller life
    ●  good compatibility with elastomer roller qualities for conventional inks
    ●  not to be used for UV printing rollers (EPDM)

  2. Feboclean WP is applied to the roller by spreading the paste with a spatula over the roller surface.
    Due to its consistency it is very easy to apply and use. After use, Feboclean WP is removed by
    washing off with our approved Böttcher roller washes.
    The MSDS for this product can be found on this link, please contact us if you require any further information