Impression control SM102 30/30 recon

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(Code: PP275)
Impression control SM102 30/30 recon
£ 630.00(756.00 €)
  1. Impression Control Cylinder for Heidelberg Press

    All Press Parts Speedmaster 102 impression control cylinder/valve units feature a unique Press Parts design valve block unit.
    The all-new custom made valve block is a very reliable unit made to our specifications but using standard replaceable components
    Our new valve blocks are used on:
    PP275 30/30 stroke - Heidelberg equivalent C2.184.1051
    PP275A 20/20 stroke - Heidelberg equivalent 61.184.1341 and 61.184.1331
    PP3609 tandem style - Heidelberg equivalent 61.335.002 and 61.335.003

    This part is EXCHANGE
    Remember Press Parts offers cash refunds for extra old units (subject to condition)
  2. All Press Parts reconditioned units carry a full 12 month warranty against faulty workmanship