PrintGuard Regular SM102 Transfer Jacket Stud/Loop

(Code: PP1344)
SM102 Post94/5 - PrintGuard Regular Anti Marking Transfer Jacket Stud/Loop

£ 267.00(320.40 €)
Discount on quantity

  1. PrintGuard ® Regular
    Positioned to compete with and outperform all other brands in the market place but at a more economical price.  No packing is required and care/cleaning is the same as the PrintGuard Plus ® Jackets.

    Note: Jacket does not come with fixing rod.  Sold separately - PP1345

    Heidelberg equivalent: S8.215.201
  2. For longest product life, inspect daily
    if clean leave alone; Else:

    1.  Use an absorbent, lint free
    cleaning cloth or a good quality cotton shop cloth.
      Use a mild water based/miscible press wash diluted 50% with water.
      Moisten above cleaning cloth with diluted solution, using uniform light pressure to remove wet ink.
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