PrintGuardPlus SM102 Delivery Jacket 705mm

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SM102 - PrintGuard Plus Anti Marking Delivery Jacket 705mm

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  1. PrintGuardPlus ®
    The #1 replacement transfer cylinder jacket for Heidelberg presses in the world. The cross linked orange silicone coating reduces the surface energy of the PrintGuard ® glass beaded surface. This means that ink will not stick to the orange surface. Less ink attraction makes for less marking which means more profit. The patented foam backing provides a compressible resilient layer that ensures the surface of the glass beads lay perfectly flat and uniform across the entire cylinder. The foam backing also means that no packing is required.
    Note: Jacket does not come with fixing rod.  Sold separately - PP1345

    Ideal replacement for Heidelberg equivalent:

    print guard plus protection
  2. For longest product life, inspect daily.
    if clean leave alone; Else:
    1.  Use an absorbent, lint free
    cleaning cloth or a good quality cotton shop cloth.

      Use a mild water based/miscible press wash diluted 50% with water.

      Moisten above cleaning cloth with diluted solution, using uniform light pressure to remove wet ink
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