XCP™ One Maintenance spray

XCP Technologies
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XCP™ One Maintenance spray 500ml
£ 7.60(9.12 €)
  1. XCP™ One Maintenance spray 500ml

    • Extreme Penetration: The powerful XCP™ formula delivers market leading penetration to quickly loosen and release metal parts and mechanical equipment that are stuck, seized or rusted together, including nuts, bolts, screws, valves, bearings, couplings, etc.
    • Lubrication: Once applied, the active ingredients in XCP™ create a thin, colourless soft coating to help keep parts loose and free from corrosion.
    • Cleans & Protects: The Active ingredients in XCP™ get under dirt, grime and grease, allowing for easier cleaning. Forms a soft protective layer which provides protection against rust and corrosion.
    • Displaces Moisture: The XCP™ formula quickly displaces water, allowing the "drying out" of electrical short circuits caused by moisture.
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  2. The MSDS for this product can be found on this link, please contact us if you require any further information