XCP™ Pressguard Plus anti corrosion

XCP Technologies
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XCP™ Pressguard Plus anti corrosion 1lt
£ 12.50(15.00 €)
  1. XCP™ Pressguard Plus anti corrosion 1lt
    XCP™ Pressguard plus™is high performance, extra strength corrosion protection fluid for the protection of plate, blanket and impression cylinders, as well as all other press parts where corrosion protection is required. Especially designed for press parts with very high stress levels such as metal back blanket cylinders. Increase the lifespan of the printing press by protecting it against corrosion. Comprehensive maintenance and press protection can increase residual press values and improve press reliability, reducing the risks of press downtime.

    Key Features
         • Market leading corrosion protection
         • Does not effect print runs or print quality
         • Easy to apply. VOC FREE and non-flammable
         • Removes excess moisture from the metal surface
         • Applied areas can become easier to clean (easier ink removal)
         • No adverse impact on the adhesion strength of the underpacking foil.

    There is a £4 carriage charge for lubrication products on orders less then £30 total value
  2. The MSDS for this product can be found on this link, please contact us if you require any further information