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GTO46 for Packing

The below sheets are cut to size for the GTO46 press, sold in packs of 10.
Also available for this press are the unique Printer Pats Perfect Packing Sets, to bring a 1.9mm compressible blanket to the correct printing height.
(Code: PP2001)
GTO46 Manilla Packing Set
£ 7.90(9.48 €)
GTO46 Manilla Packing Set
(Code: PP2115)
GTO46 Brown 0.15mm Packing Sheets
£ 7.65(9.18 €)
GTO46 Brown calibrated paper sheet 0.15mm (Pack of 10)
(Code: PP2120)
GTO46 Green 0.20mm Packing Sheets
£ 9.82(11.78 €)
GTO46 Green calibrated paper sheets 0.20mm (Pack of 10)
(Code: PP2125)
GTO46 Orange 0.25mm Packing Sheets
£ 12.37(14.84 €)
GTO46 Orange calibrated paper sheet 0.25mm (Pack of 10)
(Code: PP2130)
GTO46 Yellow 0.30mm Packing Sheets
£ 14.12(16.94 €)
GTO46 Yellow calibrated paper sheet 0.30mm (Pack of 10)
(Code: PP2140)
GTO46 Blue 0.40mm Packing Sheets
£ 24.94(29.93 €)
GTO46 Blue calibrated paper sheet 0.40mm (Pack of 10)